[REVIEW] COSRX – Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

Way back when the first time I heard about snail slime in skincare products, I was like “ewwwww snail slime???? that sticky syrupy-like (but in a gross way) in my skincare products? No!!!!”. Okay, but that’s the old me, I’ve changed and the brand new me is basically loving and worship this gift from God. Because what? because this guy has a lot of benefit for your skin and basically, its your skin savior.

What is snail mucin?

Snail mucin is a snail slime (or mostly known as snail filtrate) that consist of a lot of skin nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein, proteoglycans, antimicrobial and copper peptides (read more about benefit of snail filtrate on here). Hyaluronic acid is basically a holy grail for those who has a dry or a dehydrated skin, as it will seals in your skin moisture and keep your skin hydrated. Copper peptides has an anti-aging function, it reduce the appearance of fine lines an wrinkles. So yeah, if your skin is currently dry, dehydrated, or you’re on your mid 20s and want to start an anti-aging treatment, you’d better start to look for products that contains snail filtrate.

COSRX – Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

I was looking for a hydrating essence to treat my oily-dehydrated skin and after a long research I finally decided to bought this baby around 5 or 6 weeks ago (I forgot, sorry) and I have been using this AM and PM since then. I got this for Rp. 187.000 (around $18) and it contains 100ml, trust me it worth every penny.

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I really like the packaging, its really simple and minimalistic. This essence comes in a bottle with a pump which is great and makes it more hygienic because the product inside will not be contaminated by our germy finger.

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The pump is so far so good, the product is easily comes out. 1 pump give us a quite generous amount of the products, I use 2 pumps of this products to apply on my entire face and neck.

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Since the main ingredients of this essence is snail mucin and it contains 91%-98% water, this essence is really great for those who has oily-dehydrated skin like me because it will not clog your pores (as basically this essence is water based essence). As stated in the front side of this bottle, this baby protect our skin from moisture loss, keep the skin smooth, and healthy without the use of heavy oils.

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The direction of on how to apply this baby is written on the back of the products. After toning, I usually apply 2 pumps of the products and rub it on my face and neck, then I will dab – dab it in the end to finish.

The ingredients of the products is not written on the bottle, it was written on the box. But unfortunately, I already throw away the box and I can’t show you the box.


Snail Secretion Filtrate, Betaine, Butylene Glycol,1,2-Hexanediol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Panthenol, Arginine, Allantoin, Ethyl Hexanediol, Sodium Polyacrylate, Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol

Snail filtrate is written first on the ingredient list, meaning that snail secretion is the main ingredient of this essence and contain a lot of it. This essence is fragrance free, so if you have a sensitive skin, or if you just don’t like products that contains fragrance, here’s another reason for you to try and love this essence along side with the fact that this product contains no paraben, ethanol, artificial colorants, etc.

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The texture of this essence is a bit slime-ish, viscous, but not too sticky. It still spreadable, but a bit hard to absorb into your skin. Since it a bit hard to absorb into my skin, I always leave it for around 5 minutes before I apply my next skincare products. I do that to make sure the essence is absorbed properly into my skin before I layer it with another skincare.

My thoughts on this product?

I have been using for around five or six weeks, I liked this essence because it does hydrate my skin, it give me a healthy glow every morning. My skin used to be super oily when I woke up every morning, since I use this essence my skin become less oily than before (my skin is still oily on the T-zone but it get better). I have a flaky skin around my nose (its really frustrating, I have an oily T-zone and at the same time the skin is sometimes flaky), and now I no longer have it! Yay! byebye flaky skin. I must admit that this essence didn’t work that well in clearing up acne scar (since this product is aim to moisture your skin, keep your skin smooth, and healthy, so yeah its okay) but it does prevent acne. I used to have a lot of tiny bump/acne around my forehead, but now it start to disappear and I acne is rarely appearing on my face now, even when I’m on my period.

Repurchase? definitely yes.

Anyway, what about you? have you tried any snail filtrate based products lately? share with me on the comment section bellow!



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